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It is through donations that the library was established. It is through donations that the library will continue to flourish.


While the Adelson Library does gratefully accept donations, we cannot guarantee that all donated items will be added to the library shelves.

When an item is not deemed appropriate for addition to the library it may be offered to another Cornell University Library, or to a library outside the Cornell community. Donated items may be sold to support the Adelson Library, or given to the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library Booksale, or disposed of as the library coordinator deems necessary.

Prior to donation it is suggested that you have your item appraised. The library coordinator cannot assign a value to your item; to do so is a violation of Cornell University Library policy.

Because of our staffing limitations, it will help us greatly if, prior to actually donating materials, you make a list of the items you wish to donate, and send that list to us. We will then research our collection to see which of the items we already own, and will contact you to let you know which items we'll be able to accept. We ask your patience in this process - if you are offering a large number of items (several dozen or more), it may take us several weeks at a minimum to complete the necessary investigation. Unfortunately, we do not have the shelf space for duplicate items.

Library staff will provide written acknowledgement of your donation when you provide your contact information. When donating large collections of books we ask that you include a monetary donation of at least $1.00 per book. This monetary gift will help off set the related processing costs. Please read the Cornell University Library Gift Policy for more  information. 

Any dollar amount can be donated as an unrestricted gift to support the Adelson Library. Below are other options for supporting the library.


$100 - Plate a book or dedicate other media in your name.


$100 - Plate a book in celebration or remembrance of a colleague or loved one. For each gift of $100 of more directed to the Honor with Books Program, the library will place a bookplate in one newly purchased book. The honored party will receive a letter and a copy of the bookplate in acknowledgment of your thoughtfulness.


$10,000 - Endow a fund to purchase materials for the Adelson Library collection. Each resource purchased for the collection will be plated with your name on the inside cover or the name of the person or organization you wish to honor. A book plate will be created to honor your endowment.  


$100 to $10,000 - Endow the annual subscription to a journal, or journals, of your choice. $10,000 will endow, in perpetuity, a subscription costing the library $100 or less each year. $20,000 will endow a journal costing the library $200 or less each year and will be named in your honor. A donation of any size can be directed to help the library pay for journal subscriptions. For more information, contact the library coordinator at the Adelson Library, (607) 254-2165.


$1,000,000 to $1,500,000 – Will endow, in perpetuity, a Librarian for the Adelson Library and ensure professional, high quality library service is available when needed by our scholars, staff, visitors and birders everywhere.


$100 to $10,000 – Fund a scholarship to support an Adelson Library employee’s professional or paraprofessional development. A one-time donation of $100 will defray conference attendance costs, or pay for online course attendance for a library staff member.

$10,000 - Underwrite a graduate school library student internship at the Adelson Library or fund a scholarship to support an Adelson Library employee's study towards the professional library degree.

$10,000 - $50,000 - Name a work study student worker position at Adelson Library. Support a Cornell University student and the Adelson Library. Two student positions are available.


For more information on gift planning visit the Cornell University Alumni, Parents and Friends site. 

Your can make a gift online (on the Alumni, Parents & Friends site) or send a check payable to "Cornell University" to:

Adelson Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850