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Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Adelson Library

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Facility and Equipment

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The library is open to the public. All resources can be used by visitors.

The Adelson Library has many of the resources found in larger Cornell University Libraries and some not found anywhere else.

The library is small; there is room for only 45 visitors at one time! If necessary, larger library events may be held in the auditorium or observatory at the Lab of Ornithology.

In winter, the Adelson Library can be a cozy place to get away to! A broad expanse of windows overlooking the Sapsucker Woods pond and more windows overlooking the Treman bird garden allow you to feel a part of the natural landscape even when the weather makes you want to stay indoors. In the heat of summer the library offers a cool place to get out of the sun - a respite from the heat.

The library has two computers for use by the general visiting public. Internet access for IE and Firefox are available to all; in addition, one of the machines is equipped with Google Chrome. Subscription databases limited to the campus community can be used by visitors. These databases include but are not limited to Birds of North America Online, BIOSIS, Web of Science, Zoological Record, and Science Direct.

Computers are equipped with the Microsoft Office system, which includes Word, Access, PowerPoint and Excel. Adobe Reader 9 is also installed.

A large, flatbed scanner is available for public use. A document can be scanned and converted into a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, or another format.

Printing from one of the public computers is available.

Wireless network computing is available via Redrover. Wireless network printing is available at the library.

A color photocopier is available. While we do not charge a fee, we must limit copying to 20 total pages per person.

An 8.5 x 11" laminator is available.

Computer users are encouraged to bring a USB flash drive to save their documents to; documents should not be saved to the public computers. A Flash drive is available to library card holders for a short term loan if you forget to bring yours.

Binoculars are available for use in the library or for loan to library card holders for a short term loan if you forget to bring yours. Loan periods can be negotiated.

A SanDisk Card Reader / Writer: ImageMate  USB 2.0 12 in 1 is available to library card holders for a short term loan. It accepts 12 card types including Compact Flash 1, 2, SD, SDHC, mini SD, Multimedia card, Smart media, xD, xD type M & H, Memory stick (Pro, Duo, ProDuo). It's USB 1 compatible for Mac or PC.

A list of other equipment and software available from Cornell University Libraries may be found at