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New Art Display

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Adelson Library has received a very generous gift from Hyman L. Battle, Jr. and Phoebe A. Poole: a full set (435 prints) of the Audubon Abbeville Edition, which is a facsimile reproduction of the plates from John James Audubon's classic, large-scale 1826-1838 work Birds of America, along with a custom sized storage and display cabinet that allows one print to be on display at a time. The cabinet is located on the landing halfway up the wooden steps in the Lab of Ornithology Visitors' Center. Adelson Library staff are rotating the individual print on display every other day in order to minimize light degradation to the set. From the book termed the "double-elephant folio" because of its size, these beautiful color prints, created using 13 color offset lithography, are a rare treasure!


Past display:
A rare and wonderful book was on display for a short time only and has now been returned to proper archival storage in the Mann Library Special Collections area. Click here to view a PowerPoint slide show of images from this book. Below are examples of illustrations and text from the book.

Wood Thrush Pl. II


Wood Thrush Plate II

from volume one of Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio.







Scientific names may not reflect current taxonomy as they are exact copies of text appearing in the book.

Work on this book began in 1877. In August 1879, Miss Genevieve Estelle Jones, the principal illustrator and conceptualist of the book, succumbed to typhoid fever. Illustrations were completed by Mrs. N.E. (Virginia) Jones, her mother, and Miss Eliza  J. Schultz, a close friend and illustrator from project conception.

Hired to complete the arduous task of coloring the lithographs were Miss Josephine Kleppart, a well known artist at the time, Miss Kate Gephart and Miss Nellie  D. Jacob, who colored eggs.

Illustrated completely by women, the text was completed by Dr.  Howard Jones, Genevieve‚Äôs younger brother.


Nest Image








Robin Plate VIII 

from The Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio by Genevieve Jones