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Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Adelson Library

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Adelson Library CollectionThe Cornell University Library system is the 8th largest academic research library in North America, with over 7 million volumes and 20 libraries. The Adelson Library, the newest Cornell Library, has a collection of over 14,000 volumes primarily on ornithology and related subjects, such as biology, conservation, animal behavior, and wildlife management. The collection consists of serials, monographs, and a small media collection. Most library materials are shelved in open stacks and are accessible to all. Information about obtaining a library card can be found in Circulation Policy.

Collection Description
In-depth information about the collection.

Special Collections
Field guides, children's books, a collection of books by the famous artist, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, and more.

New Books
A link to the Mann Library website page which lists new books recently added to the Adelson collection.

A list of all serials received at Adelson Library.

Request a Purchase 
Help us build our collection at the Adelson Library or another Cornell University Library.