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Food Preferences of Common Feeder Birds

  Sunflower Safflower Corn Millet Milo Nyjer Suet
Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches X X         X
Finches X X   X   X  
Cardinals, Grosbeaks X X          
Sparrows, Blackbirds X   X X      
Jays X   X   X   X
Woodpeckers X           X
Orioles, Tanagers             X
Pigeons, Doves     X X X    
Indigo Buntings X     X   X  

Results based in part on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Seed Preference Test, a National Science Experiment sponsored by the National Science Foundation, launched in winter 1993-1994.

To learn more about the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's 1993-1994 Seed Preference Test, read the following Birdscope articles:

Birds Like Millet and Milo, Too! by Kenneth V. Rosenberg and Rick Bonney (1994). The National Science Experiments: Seed Preference Test yields exciting results.

Seed Preferences: East Versus West. By Kenneth V. Rosenberg and Andre A. Dhondt (1995). Why do birds in different places like different foods?