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Featured Photographers

Everyone enjoys beautiful bird photographs. The advent of digital photography and digiscoping has made it easier for more people to enjoy bird photography and to produce some really outstanding images.

Each month we will be featuring the works of a different photographer, either amateur or professional, who is interested in sharing his/her work, and the beauty of birds, with others.

Past featured photographers



Charles Briggs

Terry Brashear

Jeff Larsen



Brad Manchas

Karen Straus

Neil Losin


George Housley

Lew Sharpf

Glenn Bartley

Jerry Acton

Carol Blackard

Lester Picker

Judy Howle

David Remey



Jim Hendrickson

Bill Dalton

Floris van Breugel

Steve Wolfe

Linda Ergonis

Andreas Kanon

Patricia Velte

Dick Cronberg

Jody Melanson

Brenda Carroll

Duane Angles

Jack Smith



Sean Williams

Bill Horn

Cindy Creighton

Dave Phillips

A. J. Montgomery

Jim Jacobson

Pam Wells

Bob Malbon

Sharing images on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's web sites

There are two ways to share your photographs with the Lab. 

1. You can request to be our featured photographer. Selected photographers will have their work featured in this section of the web site. The portfolios will generally be archived but will be removed after thirty days at the photographer's request.

If you would like to be considered as our featured photographer please send an email to the editor.

2. The Lab may be able to use your images on one of its web sites, either now or in the future, as part of the informational and educational services provided. Photographs for this purpose do not have to be of the highest quality. We are interested in images that demonstrate various plumages or field marks.

If you would like to share your images on one of the Lab's web sites, they can be submitted as follows:

1. First read and submit the license agreement if you are submitting images that can be used on any of the Lab's web sites.

After submitting the license agreement you may send images in two ways.

1. As an email attachment

2. On a CD--Mail to:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Attn: Sam Crowe
159 Sapsucker Woods Road
Ithaca, NY 14850