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Land Managers' Guides

Help conserve habitat for tanagers, thrushes, and other threatened birds

The Lab's land management series is aimed at providing land managers and owners with guidelines for improving forest-bird habitats. Results from Birds in Forested Landscapes (BFL), a Lab-based Citizen Science project, provide the basis for the habitat management guidelines. Each publication in the series provides general forest management practices for improving forest-bird habitat and guidelines tailored specifically for geographic regions and species. The information is provided in easy-to-use graphs, tables, and summaries that help land mangers to evaluate site quality, prioritize management efforts, and design conservation plans.

Out of print. Download a PDF of the guide or read it online.

Published in 1999, A Land Manager's Guide to Improving Habitat for Scarlet Tanagers and other Forest Interior Birds is the first publication in the Lab's management series. The publication's primary goal is to provide habitat improvement guidelines for Scarlet Tanagers in four regions -- Midwest, Atlantic Coast, Appalachian, and Northern Forest. In addition, the guide also provides information on conservation and management of other forest interior birds, such as Eastern Wood-Pewee, Ovenbird, Veery, and Wood Thrush.

A Land Manager's Guide to Improving Habitat for Forest Thrushes

Published in 2004, A Land Manager's Guide to Improving Habitat for Forest Thrushes is the second and most recent in the Lab's management series. It provides management guidelines for Veery, Swainson's Thrush, Hermit Thrush, Wood Thrush, and Varied Thrush. The guide details specific management actions needed to improve habitat in Eastern/Midwestern forests, Northern forests, and Western forests.


To order copies of the guideline booklets, click here.

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