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We stopped publishing BirdScope with the Spring 2012 issue. For more recent articles, please visit our blog.

Selected Articles from our Archives

Click at right for selected articles from past issues of BirdScope:

Summer 2004

Spring 2004

Summer 2003

Summer 2004

Bluebirds Put Their Eggs into More than One Basket

Renesting attempts reveal latitudinal trends in multiple broods

Courting the Cahow

Lab’s recordings attract Bermuda Petrels to a safer haven

Deformed Bills: An Update

Most reports of bill deformities concern birds in Alaska, but they've turned up in 24 species and 30 states

An Exceptional Story About Routine Data from the House Finch Disease Survey

So-called "null data" is nevertheless crucial data for scientists tracking a disease

The View from Sapsucker Woods

 As Mars Rovers roam the Red Planet, the real mysteries are back here on Earth

Which Way to Run?

Staff scientist Wesley Hochachka explains a new angle on predator-prey dynamics


Spring 2004

Fire, Drought, Beetles, and Birds

FeederWatchers notice the impact of natural disasters on jays and nutcrackers

Can We Have Your Sparrows?

A view from Britain

House Sparrows: Complex and Intriguing?

Marvels and mysteries of a common species

Lessons from the Rattus rattus of the Bird World.

BirdScope takes a look at the controversial House Sparrow

Sparrow Spectrum

Views from citizen-science participants

Sparrows that Open Doors

Maligned by many bird watchers, House Sparrows provide urban residents with a chance to learn about birds and science

The Trouble with House Sparrows

Why a small brown bird can be the ultimate adversary of nest-box monitors

The View from Sapsucker Woods

Lab director John Fitzpatrick thought he knew the troupe of 14 chickadees at his feeder. But he didn't know the half of it

Summer 2003

From the Mouths of Babes

Some songbird chicks beg in ultraviolet

Incubation Matters

A new angle on why birds in warmer climes lay fewer eggs

Keeping Better Records

From tickmarks in a field guide to click boxes of an online checklist

The View from Sapsucker Woods

 Science is nothing more than an organized way of being curious

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