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2015 News Releases

Holiday Gifts for Bird Watchers, November 16, 2015
Items support bird research, conservation, and education 

Spotlight Your Birds in the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 10, 2015 
Great prizes offered every week by Droll Yankees 

Become a FeederWatcher to Help the Birds, November 5, 2015
Every bird observation reported makes a difference

New Book is a Joyful Celebration of Birds, October 27, 2015
The Living Bird: 100 Years of Listening to Nature

Greater Sage-Grouse Will Not Be Listed for Protection Under the Endangered Species Act 
Statement by Cornell Lab of Ornithology director Dr. John W. Fitzpatrick, September 22, 2015

Migration Celebration & Centennial Open House: What Will You Discover? September 3, 2015
Cornell Lab of Ornithology opens its doors for a special day 

First Live-Streaming Views of Wild Condor Nests, August 26, 2015
Conservation partners launch cams at two nests in California

What's That Bird?, June 4, 2015
Snap a photo. Now computers can ID the bird.  

New Waterfowl Foldout Series Simplifies ID, May 19, 2015
Take these Cornell Lab of Ornithology guides anywhere 

Documentary Highlights Threatened Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush Ecosystem, May 13, 2015
Cornell Lab of Ornithology film airs on PBS NATURE on May 20

Birders Tally Half the World's Bird Species in 24 Hours, May 12, 2015
More than 110 countries take part in new birding event

Massive Southern Invasions by Northern Birds Linked to Climate Shifts, May 11, 2015
Study finds climate pattern is behind Pine Siskin irruptions 

Enter the BirdSleuth Youth Writing & Art Contest, May 7, 2015
Show or describe birds and nature in your neighborhood 

World's Largest 24-Hour Bird Tally, May 9, April 29, 2015
Can bird watchers find half of the world’s bird species to raise awareness for conservation?

Find a Funky Nest Near You! April 15, 2015
Contest showcases unusual bird nesting sites

Learn How You Can Help Nesting Birds, March 19, 2015
Watching birds at the nest is fun--and fuels bird conservation

Time Spent Outdoors Boosts Conservation Action, March 10, 2015
New study reveals strong link between wildlife recreation and conservation

Get a Taste of Spring Field Ornithology, March 4, 2015
Free session offers window into a local tradition

Great Backyard Bird Count Sets New Species Record, March 3, 2015
Nearly half the world's species identified in four days

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Continues Sponsorship of Cornell Lab Programs, February 26, 2015
Support includes lead sponsorship of Young Birders Event

Warbler Fidelity to their Mates Based on Caterpillar Numbers, February 11, 2015
Research shows Black-throated Blue Warblers change behavior based on food availability

Hummingbird in Tropical Backyards is a New Species, Researchers Say, February 5, 2015
Look-alike hummers may be two separate species

Bird Watchers Help Federal Agencies Pinpoint Conservation Priorities, January 27, 2015
Birds switch “landlords” during the year, study shows; highlights need for cooperation

Show Birds Some Love on Valentine's Weekend!, January 21, 2015
Join the Great Backyard Bird Count

Witness the Wonder of Migration, January 15, 2015
Register now for eight-week Spring Field Ornithology Course





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