Step-by-step Instructions:
Login Procedure

Follow these steps to enter the password-protected Data Entry section of the BFL web site. We strongly suggest that you print this page and follow along as you log into the Data Entry site. Once you have printed this page you can close this window (the Welcome to Data Entry window is still open).

Step 1. See if we support the web browser on your computer
A web browser is the software program that you use to access the Internet (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). To find out if your web browser is compatible with our data entry pages click the link that reads "Browser Requirements" on the left-hand side of the Welcome to Data Entry page.

If, at any time upon entering our site, you receive a message that says "Identity Certificate Has Expired," that means your browser definitely needs to be updated. Follow the directions for downloading a newer browser by following the Browser Requirements link on the Welcome to Data Entry page.

Throughout the login process, you may safely ignore windows that pop up with notices about "you are accessing a secure page." These messages confirm that you are accessing our restricted server. Just click 'Continue' when you see these messages.

Step 2. Create your Citizen Science Online Profile (do this only ONCE)
To ensure the integrity of our database, access is restricted to users who create an online profile, so you will need to build an online profile to access the database.  You need to create an online profile only once, but update this information as it changes.

If you have already created a profile for any Lab of Ornithology project, click the link the reads "Click here to Log In" on the Welcome to Data Entry page. If you participate in more than one Cornell Lab of Ornithology citizen-science online project, you may already have a profile.  If so, use the same Login name and password for each project.   Skip to Step 3.

If you have never created a profile, click the link that reads "Click here to create a profile."

  • On the next screen you will be asked to enter a Login Name and a password. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THESE, INSTEAD, YOU MAKE THEM UP. The Login Name and password can be whatever you wish them to be, as long as they fit the minimum requirements that are listed on the forms. Write your Login Name and password down in a convenient place, because you will need them each time you enter the Data Entry site.
  • Fill out the rest of the information on the form, then click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.
  • Again, you may safely ignore the windows that pop up saying "Security Information" or other security warning messages. These messages just confirm that you are accessing our restricted server.
  • A new screen will appear announcing that you have successfully created an on-line profile. Read the directions on the page, then click "continue to data entry." 

Step 3. Log in to Data Entry
A small login box will open up. Enter the Login Name and password you created on your profile and click "Continue."

If the BFL News and Instructions page appears, skip to Step 4.

If you just created your profile, a Project Sign-in Page will allow you to register with BFL. You will only have to do this once.

Your ID number is printed above your name on the mailing label of your Research Kit.

  • If you are registering as a standard BFL user, enter your BFL ID number in the box that reads, "If you are a regular BFL user:"
  • If you are registering as a BFL Recreation Study user, enter your BFL ID number in the box that reads, "If you are a BFL Rec Study user:"
  • If you are not sure which study you are signing up for, enter your BFL ID number in the box that reads, "If you are a regular BFL user."
  • Click "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.

This is the LAST TIME you will be required to enter your ID number for this season. If the database asks for your ID number in a future session, that means that you inadvertently created more than one online profile. Click the BFL FAQ link on the left hand side of the Welcome to Data Entry page, then click FAQ #5 in the "On-line Data Entry" section for more information about multiple profiles.

Click the button marked, "Continue." A new page will appear letting you know you are successfully registered for BFL, click "Continue."

You should now be logged in to BFL's Data Entry pages!

If you receive a message that reads, “We were not able to confirm your registration code(s). Please return to the previous page and try again,”   return to the Welcome to Data Entry page, click on BFL FAQ on the left hand side of the screen. Click FAQ #5 in the "On-line Data Entry" section for more information concerning registration codes.

Step 4. Read through the BFL News and Instructions
When you are successfully logged in, a window entitled
BFL News and Instructions
should appear. We will post important messages on this page along with the step-by-step data entry instructions.  You can click each step to read a more detailed account of that data entry process. Please take a moment to read them, and when you're done, click  'Continue with Data Entry.'

If, after reading the help sections you still need assistance, please contact us:

Phone: (607) 254-2465

In your message, tell us:

  1. which web browser you use (including the version number),
  2. what operating system you use (e.g., MAC OS 8.0 or Windows 98),
  3. what you were doing and seeing on the computer screen when the problem occurred,
  4. and your full name and  ID number (you'd be surprised at how many people don't tell us their names, but we need this in order to track down your records!).

Please note that we have very few staff and during peak times we may need about a week to respond to your message.

What happens next time I click on Data Entry?
In future trips to the Data Entry site, you will see a Log-in Box that asks you to enter your password (your Login Name should be automatically filled in for you). Enter the password that you chose when you filled out your Citizen Science profile; then click "Log In."  You may then enter data.

IMPORTANT: When you see the login box appear, do NOT click on the Create an online profile link again. If you do, you'll get stuck and you'll need to follow the steps under FAQ #5 in the "On-line Data Entry" section of the FAQ file to help you enter the site.

If you forget your password, ask for an e-mail reminder by clicking the link called "Forget your password? Click here for a reminder." Within the hour you should receive an e-mail with your password. Sometimes our server (or your server) shuts down, so please allow 24 hours for the receipt of your password reminder.

The box labeled "Remember my password" will automatically be checked for you.  The next time you enter the Data Entry section you will automatically get logged in, which will bypass the login box altogether. This is the easiest option for accessing our site.