Avian Flu in the News

  • FDA Panel Gives Nod to Bird Flu Vaccine, ABC News, November 15, 2012


  • After Epic Debate, Avian Flu Research Sees Light of Day, Science Daily, May 4, 2012

  • United Nations Warns of Bird Flu Resurgence, US News & World Report, August 30, 2011

  • Bird flu deaths in Asia prompt call for scrutiny, Reuters, August 30, 2011

  • Mutant, deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu emerges in Asia and could sweep the globe this fall, New York Daily News, August 30, 2011

  • World too complacent on bird flu, Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 16, 2011

  • Ottawa prepares for annual wild bird survey to detect bird-flu levels, The Gazette, August 5, 2011