Courses taught:

Field Methods in Avian Ecology (NTRES 2400). 3 credits. Fall semester.  NOTE: This course is at capacity for Fall 2017. Email me if you’d like to be put on the list for the Fall 2018 offering.  Preference given to 1st and 2nd year students, and to ESS majors seeking to fulfill their field course requirement.

Independent Resaerch. 1-3 credits. BIOG 2990 Intro Research Methods in Biology / BIOG 4990 Independent Undergraduate Research. Students interested in pursuing independent research in some aspect of avian ecology leading to a senior thesis and scientific publication(s) should contact me about joining the lab group. If you are interested in conducting your own research, then I encourage you to join my lab group (or another lab group) right away. It is never too early to start and your 4 years will pass quickly. Important Notes: I generally only accept senior thesis students who start before junior year. The first time you register for independent research, you register for BIOG 2990. In subsequent semester, register for BIOG 4990. You must contact me to discuss your research interests and the number of credits you’ll be taking each semester. You cannot pre-register for these credits. Rather, you’ll need to enroll during the Add Period at the beginning of the semester. List me as your research advisor and I’d need to go into the system and approve your registration. Details for registering are on the Office of Undergraduate Biology web site.

Field courses: I’ve co-taught field ecology courses in Kenya and the Dominican Republic in the past and am currently looking for locations for new adventures. Ideas? Email me.