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Free Raven licenses

Raven Lite

Raven Lite licenses, previously priced at $25 each, are now free.

         Install Raven Lite now!

Raven Pro Demo

The free demo lacks the ability to save files, and runs for only ten minutes at a time. To unlock all features, you must purchase a license.

         Install free demo now!

Trial Evaluation Licenses

Email raven_orders@cornell.edu for a one-time, free 30-day trial license if the demo version does not give you enough time to evaluate Raven.

Instructors can request an evaluation license of Raven to use for six (6) months in their classrooms on a single computer to evaluate Raven's usefulness as an aid in teaching.


Per-country discounts of 100% off the retail price of Raven Pro are available for non-commercial use to citizens of low-income and middle-income countries, as determined by the World Bank.

Students and postdocs can buy a Raven Pro "student" license for $100 instead of the usual $400 for an "academic" license. Student licenses last for a year and can be renewed for free as long as the student or postdoc remains a student or postdoc.


Upgrades from any Raven Pro version to Raven Pro 1.5 are free. Install Raven Pro 1.5 and reuse your existing serial number. There are no free upgrades from Raven Lite to Raven Pro.

Why aren't all versions of Raven free?

Funding for the initial release of Raven was provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grant funded part of the initial development and stipulated that subsequent and on-going development be funded from sales of Raven. All stages have been supplemented from the budget of the Bioacoustics Research Program. Thanks for helping us to recover our initial investment and for supporting current Raven development.

Visit the BRP technology site for information on other software developed at the Bioacoustics Research Program, some of which is free.