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Raven Pro 1.5

What's in the download?

The Raven Pro 1.5 download is a demo version of the full Raven product. This demo has all the features of Raven Pro 1.5, but will run for only 10 minutes at a time. If you already have previous release of Raven or Raven Pro 1.4 installed, then once you install and launch Raven Pro 1.5, licensing should occur automatically. New users may request a 30-day trial license for evaluation purposes by writing to Raven Software Licensing.

How do I download Raven?

To download Raven Pro 1.5, go to the Downloads page and choose an installer based on the platform on which you intend to install Raven Pro (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux).

The User's Manual for Raven Pro 1.5 is identical to the one for Raven Pro 1.4. Updated documentation is under development. In the meantime, please read the Raven Pro 1.5 What's New document for more information on new features. We also have a separate document available on the Downloads page to help users with setup of version 1.5.

Why would I (or why would I not) install the 64-bit version of Raven?

Users with a 32-bit operating system must install a 32-bit version of Raven, which cannot access more than 1500 MB of memory. Users with a 64-bit operating system may install a 64-bit version of Raven, which has the 1500 MB limit removed.