Install Raven Pro

  1. Install Adobe Reader

  2. Install Java 8.

    • Windows tip: install "Windows Offline (64-bit)" *

    • Linux tips:
        • Download "Linux x64" using Firefox.
        • Installation intructions are in step 3.

  3. Install Raven Pro 1.5.

    • Windows tips
        • Download 64 bit version.*
        • Bioacoustics Research Program Facebook page Bioacoustics Research Program Facebook page Bioacoustics Research Program Facebook page
        • Install on the default path.

    • Mac OS X tip
        • Install while logged in as an administrator.

    • Linux tips
        • Download Raven installer using Firefox
        • Install Raven and Java using Terminal
        •   $ cd ~
            $ mkdir opt
            $ cd ~/Downloads
            $ sudo tar -zxvf Raven- -C ~/opt
            $ cd ~/opt
            $ sudo chown -R username:username Raven-
            $ tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/jre-8u181-linux-x64.tar.gz -C ~/opt/Raven-
            $ cd Raven-
            $ mv jre1.8.0_181 jre
  4. Open Raven Pro. If prompted for serial number, you have four options:
      • Paste in a Raven Pro serial number if you have one.
      • Click on "Run Demo" to allow Raven Pro to work for 10 minutes.
      • Request a free 30-day trial license from Raven License Support.
      • Buy Raven Pro.

    *For Windows 32-bit, install "Windows Offline" Java and 32-bit Raven Pro.

Learn to Use Raven Pro

Learn how to use Raven Pro with the Raven Pro Users' Manual and our new Raven Pro Introductory Video Tutorials (in English and Hindi).


The Bioacoustic Research Program presents five-day introductory-level Sound Analysis Workshops featuring basic principles of spectrographic analysis and measurement of animal sounds, as well as specific tools and techniques in Raven Pro.

Autonomous Recording Units and PAM Software

Our engineering team develops cutting-edge, yet cost-effective, hardware and software solutions. These solutions support terrestrial, aquatic, and marine passive-acoustic monitoring (PAM) efforts and acoustic studies of behavioral ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. We aim to make these technologies available to researchers worldwide to support a wide range of conservation efforts. For more information, see Bioacoustics Research Program Technology.

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