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Raven Lite 1.0

Download Raven Lite 1.0

What's in the download?

The Raven Lite beta download is a demo version of the full Raven Lite product. To enable all of the features of the downloaded Raven, you must register using the beta license serial number that will be sent to you by the Raven team. For more information on registering a license, please see the readme included with your Raven installation. There are both HTML (readme.htm) and text (readme.txt) versions available.

How do I download Raven Lite?

To download Raven Lite , choose an option from the Download page based on your operating system (Windows or Mac OS X) and download speed. If you have a high-speed connection, then download the entire Raven Lite product in a single installer. If you do not have a high-speed connection, then you have the option of downloading Raven Lite in two separate installers, consisting of executables and documentation and examples, that are each smaller than the single installer. If you choose to download the entire product in one installer, then there is no need to download the separated installers. If you use the separated installers, you do not have to use all of them. If you only want the executables and documentation, then you can just download them without downloading the examples.

Where can I get more information about registering my Raven Lite license?

Specific instructions for registering your Raven Lite 1.0 license are provided in the Raven Lite readme file provided in the Raven Lite installers. The readme is a short introduction to Raven Lite which should be read as part of the installation process. It is not a substitute for the Raven Lite User's Manual or the Raven Lite Quick Start Guide, which include descriptions of the use of Raven Lite once it is installed and registered. For your convenience, an updated copy of the readme file is also provided here.

View Raven Lite ReadMe


To enable Raven Lite to open MP3 files and other formats of audio files on Windows, you need to download and install a custom version of the QuickTime Player. To download and install QuickTime, proceed through the steps listed here. On Mac OS X, QuickTime should already be installed. If you already have QuickTime or iTunes installed on your computer, you can run the QuickTimeUpdater.exe program to update your QuickTime installation to add the necessary components that Raven Lite needs, especially "QuickTime for Java.