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Raven Lite 1.0 updates

Updates for Raven Lite 1.0 are available by downloading them from within the Raven Lite program. From the Help menu, choose "Check for Updates" to allow Raven Lite to connect to the update server to check to see if you have the most updated code. Below is a list of updates with descriptions for version 1.0.

17 June 2013 - Build 9 Update 23: no new build number


  • [RL-121] - Get rid of mp3javazoom and tritonus library because it causes too many errors with MP3 and WAV files

15 June 2012 - Build 9 Update 23:

Bug Fix

  • [RL-112] - On Mac Raven Lite, when pressing Command-Q to exit, if user cancels the exit, Raven Lite still exits
  • [RL-117] - User cannot play 96 kHz sample rate files on Windows

9 August 2011 - Build 9 Update 22:


  • No new build number, but rebuilt Windows installer to include Java 6 for Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Requires a reinstall, not an update.

3 November 2010 - Build 9 Update 22:


  • [RL-110] - Add a check for example email address in input license serial number during registration

Bug Fix

  • [RL-111] - Scrolling back to the beginning of the sound with the scroll bar stops "play with scrolling"

2 November 2010 - Build 9 Update 21:

Bug Fix

  • [RL-109] - Cannot stop and start Mac recorder on the same device unless you show the "Configure Recording Device" dialog

27 August 2010 - Build 9 Update 20:


  • [RL-83] - Open large MP3 files

18 September 2009 - Build 9 Update 18:

Bug Fixes

  • [RL-94] - Raven Lite does not launch on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6)
  • [RL-95] - Raven Lite cannot use QuickTime on Snow Leopard

3 November 2008 - Build 9 Update 17:

New Features

  • [RL-87] - Allow microsecond precision on time axis when zoomed in to very small time periods

22 August 2008 - Build 9 Update 16:

Bug Fixes

  • [RL-76] - 4 users reported illegal argument exceptions when using Raven recorder

New Features

  • [RL-84] - Ship a version of Raven Lite for Linux

8 May 2008 - Build 9 Update 15:

  • [RL-78] - Raven Lite cannot open MP4 (M4U, M4A) files larger than 65 seconds, shows up as 0.065 seconds

Note: Update 14 was not released to the public.

8 February 2008 - Build 9 Update 13:

  • [RL-75] - Raven Lite cannot read audio CDs from some drives

13 December 2007 - Build 9 Update 13:

Bug Fixes

  • [RL-13] - spectrogram color map combo looks bad on Mac
  • [RL-34] - QuickTime is not in the path on German Windows machines
  • [RL-53] - Deprecated Apple class
  • [RL-62] - Raven Lite Help > Technical Support points to an old URL that no longer exists
  • [RL-65] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The specified object is not cached.
  • [RL-66] - Out of memory error mentions the Memory Manager in Raven Lite
  • [RL-68] - Space characters in info.plist VMOptions, including bootclasspath
  • [RL-69] - Open with... Raven Lite opens Raven Lite but does not open the sound file on Mac OS X
  • [RL-71] - Spectrogram sharpness text field sometimes changes after typing in a value


  • [RL-48] - Include better instructions on web site or initial dialog for how to get a free license
  • [RL-56] - Ship a default RavenPreferences.txt for Raven Lite
  • [RL-57] - Tell users when they have no sound playback device
  • [RL-70] - Pick up Raven Pro timer and cache fixes

30 July 2007 - Build 9 Update 12:

  • [RL-61] - Thayer: Command line open fails if multiple folders match names before a blank.

19 July 2007 - Build 9 Update 11:

  • [RL-60] - Thayer: Better error message when QuickTime error encountered.
  • NOTE: Due to a change in Apple QuickTime 7.2, a change to the Raven Lite Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is required to allow Raven Lite to open MP3 files using QuickTime. We will be repackaging the JVM that ships with Raven Lite on Windows in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, check the FAQ and current threads on the help forum at http://help.RavenSoundSoftware.com for instructions.

18 July 2007 - Build 9 Update 10:

  • [RL-60] - Thayer: Flag file not found errors and memory errors when opening files from command line or drag/drop.

6 July 2007 - Build 9 Update 9:

  • [RL-57] - Flag error to users when no recording device is available on the computer.
  • [RL-59] - Thayer: Allow Raven Lite to launch without a splash screen.

21 September 2006 - Build 9 Update 8:

  • Fix to audio CD reading feature that resolves CD track reading for some users.
  • As part of making Raven Lite licenses free, the licensing code was updated to allow existing Raven Lite trial license users to continue to use Raven Lite free forever.

14 July 2006 - Build 8 Update 6:

Bug Fixes

  • Only show recording devices in selection dialog that have names.

12 July 2006 - Build 8 Update 5:

Bug Fixes

  • [RL-37] - Can't clear a point selection using the clear selection button
  • [RL-39] - Error in saving (customer exception)
  • [RL-40] - Sound window title problem for MP3 files
  • [RL-41] - NullPointerException launching Raven Lite when no recording device available
  • [RL-43] - Enable JavaSound on Mac to work around Apple Intel Mac bug


  • [RL-42] - Disable QuickTime installer download menu item if QuickTime is already installed

15 May 2006 - Raven Lite 1.0 User's Guide Revision 1

Small changes were made to the User's Guide since 12 May.

12 May 2006 - Raven Lite 1.0 User's Guide Revision 1 available

The User's Guide is complete and available by automatic update or by link on the Features page.

20 April 2006 - Build 7 Update 4:

Bug Fixes

  • [RL-7] - Apple-Q does not Quit Raven Lite
  • [RL-9] - Re: Raven Lite cursor not tracking sound accurately on G4
  • [RL-28] - Crosshairs for point selection appear as uncommitted selection instead of committed
  • [RL-32] - Remove "..." from "Open Recent Folder..." menu name.


  • [RL-26] - Improve repainting of playback cursor
  • [RL-30] - Open Recent Folder icon should be a folder, not a file.
  • [RL-31] - Include missing icons in menus
  • [RL-33] - Move Help > downloads to their own section, move Tech, etc. up with QSG and UG
  • [RL-14] - Add "Purchase License" menu item to Raven Lite help menu
  • [RL-29] - Update documentation names in About dialog.

15 August 2005 - Build 6 Update 3 - Fix including:

  1. [RL-15] - Tool bars never show up after being hidden.

9 August 2005 - Build 6 Update 2 - Fixes including:

  1. Fix problem where tool bar rows could not be saved and restored if middle row contained only one tool bar.
  2. Change the mapping of class names so that states and window layouts can be used in both the released product and the debuggable version at the lab. This will cause all window layouts and tool bar states in the existing product to become unusable. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes, but we think it is the right decision moving forward so that we can better support our current and future customers.

28 July 2005 - Build 5 Update 1 - Features and fixes including:

  1. Rebuild of the base build with a fix to allow exceptions to be sent to the Raven lite development team for debugging.
  2. Introduction of a better build process to get fixes to customers faster.
  3. Addition of "Select Recording Device" dialog from the File menu to allow users to record using other than their primary recording device.
  4. Fix for a bug where the Save button caused the Save As dialog to be displayed.
  5. Fix to make the demo timer always work, and for the demo timer button to always change to OK after 30 seconds.

31 March 2005 - Build 4 - Build for public release.

17 March 2005 - Build 3.2 - Second beta build includes tool bar modifications and fixes to various problems.

1 March 2005 - Build 2.1 - Initial beta version.