Staff and Students

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Aaron N. Rice, Ph.D.
Bioacoustics Research Program 


Christopher W. Clark
I.P. Johnson Senior Scientist
Bioacoustics Research Program

Senior Scientist,
Neurobiology and Behavior




Academic Leaders
Peter Wrege, Ph.D. - Director, Elephant Listening Project
Harold Cheyne, Ph.D. - Research Engineer
Peter Dugan, Ph.D. - Applied Science Engineer
Dean Hawthorne, Ph.D. - Research Associate
Yu Shiu, Ph.D. - Post doctoral Associate
Katy Payne – Lab Associate, Elephant Listening Project
Andrea Turkalo - Visiting Fellow, Elephant Listening Project

Administrative Team
Deborah Cipolla-Dennis – Program Manager
Linda Harris – Financial Specialist
Tish Klein- BRP Administrative Assistant

Hardware Team
Amanda Kempf – Research Engineer
Robert Koch - Research Engineer
Peter Marchetto – Research Engineer
Ray Mack – Electrical Technician

Software Team

Sara Keen - Software Engineer
Michael Pitzrick - Software Engineer
Dimitri Ponirakis - Software Engineer
Marian Popescu - Software Engineer
Matt Robbins - Software Engineer
John Zollweg - Senior Software Engineer

Deployment Team
Ed Moore – Procurement, Production, Field Operations Manager
Chris Tessaglia-Hymes – Field Application Specialist
Fred Channell – Field Application Specialist
Jason Michalec – Field Application Specialist

Science Team
Russ  Chariff -- Research Leader
Christi Diamond – Research Leader
Jamey Tielens – Research Leader
Bobbi Estabrook – Research Analyst
Kristin Hodge – Research Analyst
Charles Muirhead – Research Analyst
Chris Pelkie – Research Analyst
Ashakur Rahaman – Research Analyst
Liz Rowland – Research Assistant
Dan Salisbury  - Research Analyst