• BRP at the Migration Celebration Day 2017

    Migration Celebration Day is the biggest annual public engagement event hosted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each year we invite the local and regional communities to visit the Lab and learn about our ongoing science and conservation efforts. On September 16, we celebrated the 11th Migration Celebration Day. Over 1,500 visitors explored more than 30... See More

  • Welcome Aboard – the R/V Jaeger

    You may know that the long-tailed Jaeger (Stercorarius longicaudus) is a pelagic seabird that spends most of its life offshore; or you may know that “Jäger” is German for “hunter”; you may not know that the research vessel R/V Jaeger is the latest addition to Cornell University’s fleet. The R/V Jaeger is a 42-foot former commercial... See More

  • The Right Tool for the Job

    Acoustic ecology is a complex field, made simpler by the use of equipment that is (1) sturdy, (2) small, (3) portable, and (4) affordable. During my master’s degree, I remember a professor saying that oceanographers prided themselves on sinking heavy expensive equipment to the bottom of the ocean. In my second year as a wildlife... See More

  • Catching up on the latest in bioacoustics

    Recently Daniela and I had the exciting opportunity to travel to Omaha, Nebraska, to convene with researchers from all over the world at the 4th International Symposium on Acoustic Communication by Animals. The symposium brought together the international community of researchers and students working on a variety of topics related to how animals produce, perceive, and... See More

  • Field Notes: Recording Dawn Chorus in the British Countryside

    It’s approaching 5am and still almost completely dark in the woodlands outside of Oxfordshire, UK. I am wading through waist-high undergrowth in my waterproof field gear, trying to be as silent as possible. Angling my map so that it is illuminated in the moonlight, I confirm I’m in the right location, then sit down on... See More