• Acoustics ’17 Boston

    Observations from the 173rd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, 25–29 June 2017 Holger, Aaron, Danielle, Bobbi, and I traveled to Boston, MA to attend the 173rd meeting of Acoustical Society of America. Three of us presented work on density estimation of animal populations using autonomous, underwater gliders and floats (Danielle), fish vocalization and ocean... See More

  • All Aboard the Maryland Research Cruise

    As a research analyst at BRP, I certainly spend much of my time in the office, analyzing acoustic data sets to investigate the seasonal occurrence and distribution of marine and terrestrial species. However, every once in a while, I get the opportunity to venture into the field to collect data first-hand. Most recently, I boarded the... See More

  • Picking up good vibrations for elephant conservation

    As a recent graduate from Cornell, I’ve left with my pockets brimming with memories of extraordinary moments. My favorite moments come from my undergraduate research work with BRP, and specifically, The Elephant Listening Project. The Elephant Listening Project (ELP) uses sound recorders to monitor and learn more about the behavior of forest elephants in Central Africa. African... See More

  • 69,218′

    Great effort by the BRP running team this weekend! All six of us braved the hot weather and finished the Gorges Ithaca Half Marathon. Proud of you guys! Also, thanks to our terrific BRP support team Daniela, Yu Shiu, Luciana, Liz, Joe, and Bobbi. Awesome team work everyone. Even though my legs are very sore today, I am looking... See More

  • Field Notes: BRP Auto-Buoy Turnaround

    As a software engineer, my workdays typically consist of cups of coffee and lines of code. The only fresh air I get during the day comes during lunchtime walks in Sapsucker Woods. However, a couple of weeks ago I had a work experience that could not have been more different from my typical day: I... See More