BRP Projects Around the World

by Pat Leonard last modified 2010-05-24 14:02

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BRP is pioneering new techniques for censusing and tracking wildlife with arrays of microphones placed in natural environments around the globe. Acoustic monitoring projects BPR has engaged in include:

Bowhead whale census: Barrow, Alaska.
LFA sonar and humpback whales: Hawaii;  blue and fin whales: Channel Islands; Gray whales: Point Buchon, California.
Fin whale behavior: Sea of Cortez.
Nocturnal bird migration: Wethersfield and Ithaca NY; Israel.
Banded wrens: Costa Rica.
Mockingbirds: Bonaire.
Northern right whales: Cape Cod, Great South Channel, Gulf of Maine, Bay of Fundy, Stellwagen Marine Sanctuary; offshore Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina.
SOSUS whale monitoring: British Isles.
Forest elephants: monitoring in Gabon, Central African Republic, and Ghana.
Industrial noise and whales: Atlantic Frontier.
Fin whales: Ligurian Sea.
Indri: Madagascar.
Ivory-billed woodpeckers: Louisianna, Arkansas, South Carolina.
Large whales: Puerto Rico, Monterey Bay, California.
Endangered songbirds: Texas.
Southern right whales: Argentina.
Frog Census: Delaware.
Sound propagation under water: North Carolina coast, Guam.
Humpback whales: Hawaii (ATOC); Soccorro, Mexico; Brazil.
Sperm whales and giant squid: Azores and New Zealand.
Savannah elephants: Namibia.
Blue whales: Southern Ocean (IWC).
Radio tagging of jaguar and macaw: Peru.
Cooperative breeding of Taiwan yuhina: Taiwan.