Option #1:
  • Scroll down to view the available elephant families
  • Click anywhere on the family you would like to adopt and you will be sent to an online form to complete your adoption

Option #2:
You can also set up your adoption through the mail, if you prefer.
Send us a note including:
  1. Name, complete address, and email (for video links) of the person who should receive the adoption packet
  2. Name of the elephant family you would like to adopt
  3. A check made out to 'The Cornell Lab Elephant Listening Project' for the desired adoption level, and please put 'Adoption' on the check memo line
  4. Mail to: Elephant Listening Project, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Equinox family's tree with 2 photos of family members
Aida family's tree with photos of 3 family members
Penelope family's tree with 4 photos of family members
Etta family's tree with 3 photos of family members
Bulls available for adoption: Hilton, Caligula, Frankie and Basil