• ELP team having a picnic

    August 2013

    A Summer of Elephants:
    ELP was busy this summer: Peter went to Cameroon to set up recorders, Andrea worked with Peter on her data from Dzanga while monitoring the situation in C.A.R., and we had two high-school volunteers Maya and Jonathan (pictured here) who were great!

  • ELP team having a picnic

    April 2013

    Trouble in the Central African Republic:
    The C.A.R has undergone a series of dramatic, violent political uprisings in recent months. A rebel group has overthown the leadership of President Gen. Francois Bozize. Andrea stayed at Dzanga Bai as long as she could, but finally decided it was too dangerous to stay, so she fled downriver under cover of darkness to the Congo. Read snippets of her emails to us during this traumatic time: testament to her characteristic strength, determination and calmness.

  • ELP team having a picnic

    February 2013

    Living with Sound:
    ELP's founder, Katy Payne reflects in a beautiful essay on how sound has threaded her life, from music to whales to elephants.

  • ELP team having a picnic

    September 2012

    View from the Inside:
    We depend heavily on volunteers to help us. They're always enthusiastic and bring new ideas, as well as updating us on current social media trends! One of our volunteers, Alexa Hilmer, talks about her experience working for us.

  • Elephant and calf

    June 2012

    Voting for Elephants:
    How we analyze our recordings and anticipated improvements to our methods. Some thoughts on how important it is to communicate your feelings about conserving the gentle giants and their habitat. Andrea is visiting us again!

  • Thermal image of elephants in Dzanga Bai

    March 2012

    Hot Elephants:
    See some cool (and hot!) images and video of forest elephants that Peter took on his recent trip to Dzanga Bai using a thermal imaging camera. This is the first time this technology had been used on forest elephants.

  • Common Redpoll on a branch

    January 2012

    Do Elephants Fly?:
    Ever wondered why the Elephant Listening Project is based in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology? All is revealed here.

  • Map of a forest clearing showing dots for location of calling elephants

    November 2011

    Like Stars in the Sky:
    A cool analysis of the sound data we recorded in Gabon during our nighttime behaviour study shows where elephants were when they called, and an animation reveals the path that two elephants took to the bai.

  • Gorilla

    September 2011

    Into the Breach:
    Bobbi returns from her adventures in the Republic of Congo. See a video clip of elephants drinking in the river, and gorillas! Meanwhile, Peter heads off to Gabon again and tells us about what he'll be doing there, including developing new collaborations.