Current Field Sites - Central Africa

Dzanga Bai

Dzanga Bai - Central African Republic. The "Grand Central Station" of forest clearings.

Male Elephant at CEB Bai

A cluster of clearings within the "Precious Woods" logging concession, some with as much activity as Dzanga Bai!

Bai Jobo

Bai Jobo - lovely, remote, our recorders are the only long-term presence and indicate extremely high elephant visitation at some times of year.

Sunset Akaka, Loango N.P.

The "jewel" of Gabon's National Parks, Loango has elephants roaming the beach, hippos in the surf, and pressure from oil exploration and extraction.

Bai Mopia

Mopia & Kessala - a collection of bais under the jurisdiction of two community associations interested in developing alternative land-use practices.

Lefini Congo

Mpoh - an isolated site (yellow circle) on the Batéké Plateaux, Congo, located in remnant gallery forest. Villages and agriculture show at lower right.

Loango NP Precious Woods Mopia & Kessala Djobo Lefini Dzanga


The Elephant Listening Project focuses on forest elephants living in the Congo Basin of Central Africa - the largest block of tropical rainforest outside the Amazon. We have ongoing programs in Gabon, Central African Republic, and Congo.

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