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Our site is organized around a collection of topic 'threads', each one dealing with some major aspect of forest elephant ecology, or with information about the Elephant Listening Project itself - who we are, where we are working, and resources that might be of interest. From each of the main topic pages, you can further explore related topics, find detailed information, and enjoy video and picture galleries illustrating that thread.

ELP Home Page
Forest Elephants
basic natural history and facts about the African forest elephant
Elephant Ecology
How forest elephants are different
Elephant Society
Forest elephant social system
Elephant Families
families are at the center of elephant society
All About Babies
video and photo galleries of baby forest elephants
Elephant Language
Definitions of 'language' and what we mean by 'elephant language'
Forest Elephant Communication
how vocal communication is the glue that holds elephant society together
below our range of hearing, travelling far through the forest, what is infrasound?
an example of one of the most important vocal exchanges among forest elephants
Elephant Conservation
forest elephant status
Unique Threats to Forest Elephants
forest elephants face a unique set of threats
'Acoustic' Conservation
how acoustic monitoring methods play a critical role in forest elephant conservation
    Where have we been recently and where are we going next. Brief updates on ELP's current activities.
    International News
    selected recent news about African elephants
    ELP in the Media
    links to radio and television stories about ELP, books and articles written by our group, and references about African elephants and sound
    In The Field
    field sites map and links to individual study sites
    Tools of the Trade
    how we record elephant communication
    Acoustic Arrays (deeper explorations)
    who said that?
    The ELP Blog
    thoughts and experiences recorded in the field
    About ELP
    how we got started and who we are now
    Current Team
    today's core group of ELPers
    current collaborators
    Extended Family
    former colleagues and assistants
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