Peter Wrege, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate and ELP Director
Peter H. Wrege

A behavioral ecologist, I have made Ithaca my base for more than 40 years, although nearly half of that time has been spent conducting field work somewhere else in the world. Multi-year projects and extended field seasons observing animals in their natural environments and trying to understand what makes them tick has been my passion. I have worked in such places as Venezuela, Panamá, the Galapagos, Kenya, Gabon, and Congo. In 2007, I took up the reins of the Elephant Listening Project and began listening to the forests of Central Africa.

“Using innovative techniques to gather sounds, we can study species and human activities normally hidden from view. Through sound, we glimpse the mysteries of forest elephants and also record the gunshots that end their lives.”

Year Hired: 1980

Contact Information

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, room # 151

159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA.

Phone: +1.607.254.2468


Degree(s): Ph.D., Cornell University, 1980

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