Raven Pro 1.4
Raven Lite 1.0

Installing QuickTime for Use by Raven

To enable Raven to open MP3 files and other formats of audio files on Windows, you need to download and install the QuickTime Player.

NOTE: Raven can only access QuickTime functionality when Raven is run as a 32-bit application. Raven64 will not open MP3 files.

The most recent version is QuickTime 7 for Mac OS X and Windows. On Mac OS X, QuickTime should already be installed. For Windows, it is available packaged with iTunes 6 at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ or standalone at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/standalone.html and should require no special customization. If you already have the most recent version of iTunes installed which includes QuickTime 7, then you don't need to install anything else.

Windows users only

On Windows, the folders into which QuickTime for Java is copied when iTunes or QuickTime are installed have changed from QuickTime 6 to QuickTime 7. Therefore, some Raven configuration information needs to be updated for Raven to be able to use the new QuickTime. New installers for Raven are being posted to the Raven web site on 24 October 2005 which should allow Raven to access both the older and newer versions of QuickTime. If you're having troubles with QuickTime and are sure that you've updated QuickTime to the correct level for your system, then please download a new copy of the Raven application executables to correct these errors with QuickTime. There is no need to download the Raven examples or user's manual again.

A recent problem has been discovered in QuickTime 7 for Windows that affects all applications that use QuickTime for Java (QTJ). Raven and Raven Lite both use QTJ. QTJ from Apple had an expiration date built into it on Windows. As of 15 October 2005, no applications using QTJ can initialize the components that need to use QuickTime. Therefore, Raven and Raven lite are unable to open MP3 files unless users update their systems in one of two ways. Apple has fixed the problem in the iTunes download, but there is still a problem with the QuickTime standalone installer.

Workarounds for the problem:

1. Install the new QuickTime 7 which is included in iTunes (available as of 21 October 2005)..
2. Continue using the older version of QuickTime 7 and set the system clock on your Windows PC back to 14 October 2005 or earlier.
3. Continue using QuickTime 6.5.2 and run the QuickTimeUpdater.exe program to enable QuickTime for Java.

Raven is installed and configured to look for the QuickTime software in the normal places where it is installed on the various Windows operating systems that Raven supports. If you install QuickTime and continue to have Raven tell you that QuickTime is not enabled or that MP3 files are not in a supported file type, then please visit our support page for technical support.