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Raven has been developed by the Bioacoustics Research Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Special thanks to Christopher Clark, the co-principal investigator on the original Raven grant, for his belief in the project and his funding to fill in the gaps between grants and licensing revenues.

Initial funding for Raven came from the National Science Foundation.

A big thank you to our customers, whose purchases help to fund support and additional development of Raven.


Kurt Fristrup, formerly with BRP, was a co-principal investigator on the original Raven grant and has been a tireless supporter of Raven since the beginning.

Donald Kroodsma's encouragement was the catalyst that allowed Raven Lite to become a reality.

David Bach was an early adapter of Raven in the classroom and continues to teach his students using Raven.

Rick Bonney helped to get Raven Exhibit off the ground and has been a proponent of it ever since.


Thank you to all software developers, technical writers, graphic and web designers, research analysts, and testers for their work on Raven.


Present: Dean Hawthorne, Benjamin Thomas
Past: Tim Krein, Harold Mills, Laura Strickhart, Scott Maher, Dounan Hu, Scott Nelson, Andrew Jackson, Aisha Thorn, Eric Spaulding, Christina Ahrens, Jason Rohrer, Jason Adaska, Kathryn Cortopassi, Amanda Kempf

Written Documentation

Present: Dean Hawthorne
Past: Tim Krein, Russ Charif, Laura Strickhart, Amanda Kempf, Sarah Smith, Ann Warde, Dimitri Ponirakis, Wendy Alberg

Video Documentation

Author: Russ Charif
Video Editing: Chris Pelkie
Translation: Isha Bopardikar (Hindi), Luciana Guimar„es de Andrade (Portuguese), Marecelo Araya Salas (Spanish)

Testing, Technical Support

Present: Dean Hawthorne, Michael Pitzrick
Past: Tim Krein, Ann Warde, Laura Strickhart, Dounan Hu, Scott Nelson, Sarah Smith, BRP Research Analysts

Web design, artwork, web support

Present: Dean Hawthorne, Michael Pitzrick, Alex Chang, Lee Ann van Leer
Past: Tim Krein, Diane Tessaglia-Hymes, Laura Strickhart, Melissa Fowler, Andrew Jackson, Greg Delisle

Licensing, Sales

Present: Dean Hawthorne, Tish Klein, Michael Pitzrick
Past: Ann Warde, Tim Krein, Christianne White, Cathy Allen, Loretta Bennett


Some of the features of the current Raven web site were used with permission from Eric Lafortune's ProGuard web site.