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How To Contact Us

Licensing and Sales

For information about pricing or to purchase a license, visit the Purchase page.

For other questions related to ordering Raven, send e-mail to raven_orders@cornell.edu .

For an evaluation license for Raven, send e-mail to raven_orders@cornell.edu.

If you registered for a Raven Lite license and did not receive one, send e-mail to raven_support@cornell.edu.


Technical Support

For questions regarding features and capabilities, visit the Help and Discussion Forum .

To read about support issues which have been reported by others, visit the Frequently Asked Questions Forum.

To report a bug or request a feature, or if you have problems accessing any of the online forums, mail raven_support@cornell.edu.

If you do not get any response from raven_support@cornell.edu within two working days, send email to msp2@cornell.edu