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Raven Pro 1.5 Features

The Raven Pro 1.5 Features document describes some of the most recent features that have been added to Raven Pro.

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Comprehensive Raven Pro 1.4 User's Manual

The Raven Pro 1.4 User's Manual covers all aspects of Raven operations in eleven chapters, and includes appendices that provide conceptual background on digital representation of acoustic signals and spectrographic analysis. The manual is supplied as a PDF file that can be viewed and searched online or printed for easy reference.

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Raven Exhibit Information Sheet

Raven Exhibit software has been in use in the Sound Studio exhibit within the Visitors Center at the Imogene Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity (home of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) for the last six years. Read the one-page promotional material for Raven Exhibit.

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Raven Exhibit in Depth

Read more details about what Raven Exhibit looks like, what it can do, and how it can be configured.

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Raven Exhibit Evaluation

Read the evaluation from Serrell & Associates on pages 50 through 58 of the summative evaluation of all exhibits at the Johnson Center.

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Raven Exhibit Sample Hardware

Recommendations for computers (PC, Mac), microphones, and preamps that we have used in the past with our interactive sound kiosk installations.

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Raven Exhibit Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up your Windows computer with microphone and preamp and installing the Raven Exhibit software (includes photos).

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Raven Exhibit Instructions for Adding Content

Instructions for adding your own sounds, images, and natural history information to expand the visitor experience.

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Raven Lite 1.0 Quick Start Guide

The Raven Lite Quick Start Guide provides a brief overview of Raven Lite to get users started using the product.

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Raven Lite 1.0 User's Guide

The Raven Lite User's Guide provides more detail on some of the features, but it is also brief because most of the features within Raven Lite are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Both guides are supplied as PDF files that can be viewed and searched online or printed for easy reference.

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For a list of new features since Raven 1.1, visit "What's New in Raven".

All Raven and Raven Lite documentation is also available in installation packages on the Download page.

If you have a high-speed connection, then you can view the Raven User's Manual, Raven Lite Quick Start Guide, and Raven Lite User's Guide online. Your computer should have the free Adobe Reader, available from Adobe Systems Incorporated, installed on it first.