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What you need to know

Raven Exhibit is a sound visualization and recording system optimized for public displays, exhibits, training, and educational outreach applications in places like science museums, zoos, aquariums, and nature centers. Based on the software that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology uses to monitor wildlife populations in their field research, Raven Exhibit provides visitors, students, docents, and trainers with a variety of interactive experiences ranging from immersive to informative and entertaining based on how your organization chooses to configure it.

This software adds the important experience of animal sound and communication to other visitor experiences in a unique format that incorporates a lesson on the physics of sound, opportunities for game play and competition, natural history information, and a variety of photographs. A typical installation requires a computer with monitor, speakers, microphone with preamp, Raven Exhibit software, and content (standard packages, custom Lab-created content, or custom user-defined content.)

The Sound Studio, featuring Raven Exhibit, software is a popular visitor destination at the Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity (home of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology). Reviewed and praised by exhibit evaluator Beverly Serrell of Serrell & Associates, Raven Exhibit is now available for licensing to other public centers. The user interfaces are simple and effective, while the program and content can be customized for specific applications, making this exhibit one that visitors of all ages will try the first time and want to use again.

Raven Exhibit is the perfect tool for classroom and outreach, leader-assisted or self-taught instruction using an experiential learning approach.

Humpback Whale is featured in both the demo content package and the Sounds of the Sea content package.

The Wild Center Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) Woods Hole Science Aquarium Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Some images of Raven installations around the world. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image and description of all of them.

Demonstration video

To see an online video of Raven Exhibit in action, visit our demonstration video page.


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Title Description Download (Size)
Information Sheet Raven Exhibit software has been in use in the Sound Studio exhibit within the Visitors Center at the Imogene Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity (home of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) for the last six years. Read the one-page promotional material for Raven Exhibit. View (4.0M)
In Depth Description

Read more details about what Raven Exhibit looks like, what it can do, and how it can be configured.

View (4.7M)

Read the evaluation from Serrell & Associates on pages 50 through 58 of the summative evaluation of all exhibits at the Johnson Center.

View (512K)
System Requirements and Sample Hardware

Recommendations for computers (PC, Mac), microphones, and preamps that we have used in the past with our interactive sound kiosk installations.

View (352K)
Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up your Windows computer with microphone and preamp and installing the Raven Exhibit software (includes photos).

View (9.5M)
Instructions for Adding Content

Instructions for adding your own sounds, images, and natural history information to expand the visitor experience.

View (61K)


Standard For information on standard content packages, visit our content list.
Customized For more information on customized content, please call (607) 254-2199 or send e-mail to raven_orders@cornell.edu.
Create your own For more information on how to create your own content using sounds, images, and natural history information that you provide, download our content guide (61K)


Read more about the downloads Windows Info Mac OS X Info    
Demonstration download (software, 12 sounds) 60.7M View 32.2M View    
Content Packages   View   View    


License Type Agreement Price Number of Computers Term More Information How to Buy
Demo View Free 1 30 minutes View download
Software license View $2000 1 Permanent View online, e-mail, phone
Standard content packages $500 1 Permanent View online, e-mail, phone
Custom content packages Custom 1 Permanent View e-mail, phone


Online orders

To purchase Raven Exhibit online with a credit card, please visit our online store.

Phone and e-mail orders

To purchase Raven Exhibit licenses by purchase order, send e-mail to raven_orders@cornell.edu.

If you are a New York State or California resident and are exempt from state sales tax, send e-mail to raven_orders@cornell.edu.

The Bioacoustics Research Program reserves the right to change license options and prices at any time.