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Information about Raven for Canary users

Comparing Raven and Canary

A document is available that compares Raven and Canary with respect to features, system requirements, and price.


Opening Canary files

Raven Pro, which is available to all licensed Raven users, can open sound files saved in the Canary file format. Under Mac OS X, Raven Pro can open these files directly. In order to open Canary files in Raven on a computer running Windows, you must first convert the files to MacBinary format on a Mac OS computer, then copy the files to the Windows machine. Converting the files to MacBinary format is necessary because Mac files have a two-part structure that is not properly preserved if the file is simply copied from a Mac to a Windows machine. The MacBinary format stores both parts of a Mac file in a single file that can be transferred to a Windows computer with no loss of information. You can convert Canary files to MacBinary by using a free conversion program available here.

Note that while Raven Pro can open sound files saved by Canary in the Canary file format and in the AIFF file format, Raven Pro cannot open files saved by Canary in the MATLAB, SoundEdit, Text, or Binary formats.

Free programs are available to convert Canary-format sound files to AIFF and MacBinary formats.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions to read about support issues which have been resolved.


Discounts for Canary users

As of January 1, 2006, Raven discounts are no longer offered to purchasers of Canary since there is no longer a charge for Canary.