Citizen Science

Celebrate Urban Birds "is an innovative way to expose the children we serve in the inner city to a new opportunity while creating an awareness and passion for nature."

Netetia K. Walker, M.B.A.
Executive Director

Martin Luther King
Community Center

Indianapolis, IN

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Citizen Science Projects - Listed in Alphabetical Order




An inquiry-based citizen-science curriculum for middle school kids.


Celebrate Urban Birds!

Promotes conservation in cities through gardening, the arts
and observing birds.  



A real-time, online checklist program. We count birds!


Great Backyard Bird Count

Help create a continent-wide snapshot of winter bird populations.



Teaches people how to effectively monitor nests & collect breeding data to track the reproductive success of all North American breeding birds.  


Project FeederWatch

Embrace the winter. Count feeder birds for science!



A free, social, interactive, citizen science mapping project about habitat creation and low-impact land use