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Communicating Climate Change

Twelve science centers, across the United States, using citizen science to investigate local indicators of climate change.

Communicating Climate Change

The Association of Science-Technology Center's Communicating Climate Change (C3) project supports partnerships between science centers and scientific research institutions to talk about climate change at 12 locations across the United States. Science centers facilitate citizen science projects to investigate locally meaningful indicators of climate change. See the list of science centers and citizen science projects below for more details on how these partnerships advance both climate science and climate literacy.


Maryland Science Center: TemperatureBlast

Sciencenter: NestWatch

New York Hall of Science: Project BudBurst

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center: plant phenology

Chabot Space & Science Center: Sword Ferns in the Redwood Ecosystem

Edventure: Monarch Larvae Monitoring Project

Museum of Discovery and Science: Sea Turtle Research

St. Louis Science Center: Frogwatch USA and eBird

Franklin Institute: eBird

Bishop Museum: Makai Watch

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science: Bosque Bioblitz

Arizona Science Center: Bark Beetles and Rainfall



Topic - climate change

Audience - museum visitors, public, youth

Location - United States, science centers, neighborhoods

Goals - education, research



National Science Foundation

Association of Science Technology Centers

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Yale Project on Climate Change Communication



Kate Crawford, C3 Project Manager, Association of Science-Technology Centers  email Kate


Jennifer Shirk, C3 Citizen Science Liaison, Cornell Lab of Ornithology  email Jennifer

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