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Owen Boyle

Citizen-based Monitoring Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Owen Boyle

Owen is the Citizen-based Monitoring Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. He coordinates the Citizen-based Monitoring Network, a comprehensive stakeholder collaboration designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of natural resources monitoring efforts by providing coordination, communications, technical and financial resources and recognition to members of the Wisconsin citizen-based monitoring community. Projects occur throughout the state and encompass the full range of natural resources including plants, animals, natural communities, water quality, weather, and soils. Owen provides training and technical guidance to citizen-based monitoring project coordinators from a diverse group of organizations that include government agencies, universities, schools, and nature centers. He is working to establish a formal process for analysis and utilization of citizen-collected monitoring data by the Wisconsin DNR for natural resource decision-making and management. He also administers a partnership program that provides seed money for citizen-based monitoring programs in Wisconsin. Owen is a founding partner in the Milwaukee BIOME (Biodiversity Monitoring and Education) Project, a PPSR project examining the use of urban woodlots as stopover sites for migratory landbirds and foraging sites for bats that has trained nearly 200 citizen scientists since 2005.

Trained as a plant ecologist and certified with the Ecological Society of America, Owen earned a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Wisconsin—Madison and a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from Rutgers University. He is an avid birder and botanizer who spends much of his free time in the field collecting observations to submit to citizen science websites like,, Wisconsin NatureMapping, and the National Phenology Network.

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