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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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This conference is a collaborative endeavor drawing upon a diverse team of co-organizers, advisors, and supporters.



Meg Domroese, research consultant, SERC Institute
Heidi Ballard, University of California – Davis
Rick Bonney, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Tony DeFalco, Consultant, Equity and Sustainability
Abraham Miller-Rushing, National Park Service
Sarah Newman, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Jennifer Shirk,, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Jake Weltzin, U.S. Geological Survey
Alison Young, California Academy of Sciences




These leaders in the field have advised in the process of identifying a diversity of qualified speakers and refining the agenda.

Jill Belsky, Professor of Rural and Environmental Sociology and Director, Bolle Center for People and Forests, University of Montana

Terry Chapin, Professor of Ecology in the Institute for Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, principal investigator of the Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) site

Alycia Crall, Research Associate, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University

Finn Danielsen, Ecologist, Nordic Agency for Development and Ecology (NORDECO), Denmark

Janis Dickinson, Professor, Natural Resources, Director of Citizen Science, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

John Falk, Sea Grant Professor in Free-Choice Learning, Oregon State University

Sandra Henderson, Director of Project BudBurst, Sr. Education Specialist, NEON

Rebecca Jordan, Associate Professor of Environmental Education and Citizen Science, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers University

Corrie Knapp, PhD Student, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Jose Marcos-Iga, President-elect of North American Association for Environmental Education, International Programs Manager at EE Exchange

William Michener, Professor and Director of e-Science Initiatives for University Libraries, University of New Mexico, DataONE Principal Investigator

Greg Newman, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University

Tina Phillips, Evaluation Program Manager, Department of Program Development and Evaluation, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Aaron Price, Assistant Director, American Association of Variable Star Observers

Robin Reid, Director, Center for Collaborative Conservation, Colorado State University

Linda Silka, Director, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and Professor, School of Economics, University of Maine

Arfon Smith, Ph.D., Director of Citizen Science, Adler Planetarium, and Technical Lead for The Zooniverse

Cat Stylinski, Senior Agent, Appalachian Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Stacey Triplett, Senior Managing Analyst at the Metro Regional Government (Portland)

Tim Vargo, Manager of Research and Citizen Science, Urban Ecology Center

Julie Vastine, Director, Alliance for Aquatic Resources Monitoring (ALLARM)

Andrea Wiggins, PhD Candidate, Syracuse University School of Information Studies



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