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NOW OPEN: Late-breaking call for posters!

Deadline July 9th.
Over 150 posters have already been accepted... add your ideas to this conversation!

If you missed the May abstract deadline, don't miss this opportunity!

Posters are the presentation "currency" of this event. In just two days, the only way to do justice to the breadth of projects, perspectives, and innovations in this field of practice is to center this event around posters... over 150 posters have already been accepted from the early call for abstracts! We encourage you to share your work and be part of this broad conversation to advance the field of participatory science.
  • Abstracts should coincide with goals of the conference and clearly identify objectives and results of a study or project reflecting on public participation in scientific research.
  • Submitting an abstract to the PPSR Conference DOES NOT count against ESA's presentation limit, so this is a perfect opportunity, if you are already attending ESA, to share your PPSR-related work in an additional venue.
  • While we won't be able to include late-breaking posters in the printed program listings, you will have the option, along with the other poster presenters, to include a PDF of your poster in online conference proceedings.
  • See the guidelines and instructions for submitting an abstract below.

Late-breaking abstract deadline: 8 July 2012
Notifications of acceptance: 11 July 2012

Please review the following details before submitting an abstract:
Poster presentation overview
Abstract guidelines - general
Abstract guidelines - specific
Evaluation and acceptance criteria
Corrections and cancellations
Late-breaking abstract submission form


Overview of poster presentations

Poster presentations will allow extended informal discussions and active participation by authors and coauthors. There will be 3 separate 1.5-hour poster sessions. Posters will be displayed for several hours, and interested persons can view the poster even when the author is not in attendance.

Because of the nature of the conference, we anticipate that the majority of visits to a given poster will be during the designated 1.5-hour poster viewing session. Therefore, the presenting authors are expected to be present for at least 1 hour of the scheduled 1.5-hour period when their poster is being displayed.

Poster boards are landscape format 2.4 m wide x 1.2 m tall (8 feet wide x 4 feet tall). Presenters should design posters to be at least 5 cm (2 inches) smaller on each margin. These are maximum dimensions for each poster; there is no width or height requirement except that the poster fits on the board.

Pushpins will be supplied and are the only method for attaching the poster to the board.

Poster presenters may not use audio-visual equipment but are welcome to bring along handouts associated with their presentation.

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General guidelines for abstracts

Follow these general guidelines when entering your abstract on-line:

• Abstracts may be no longer than 200 words in total and must include information on both a) Background/Questions/Methods, using up to 100 words to identify the objective of the study or project; and b) Results/Conclusions, using up to 100 words to explicitly report the results of the study or project.

• EXCEPTION: We understand and welcome descriptions of non-traditional research (e.g., descriptions of programs), so it is understandable that the abstract would lack specific data in the “Results/Conclusions” section. However, it is still expected that your presentation would address some question or identified need, and every poster should have a “take-home message.”

• It is recommended that you draft the body of your abstract using a word processor beforehand, and then paste the text into the boxes provided on-line.

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Specific information for abstracts

The following information is required for each abstract: Title, Author name(s), Affiliation, Abstract text, Keywords and Contact Information for corresponding author. Additional information about each of these sections follows:

• When entering your title, capitalize only the first word, proper nouns, and the first word following a colon. The title is limited to 15 words.

• For each author, enter the full last name, the full first name, and as appropriate the first letter of the middle name, in that order.

• For author affiliation, please provide the name of your program, institution, or both; we provide two boxes for author affiliation.

• For the abstract, provide a) Background/Questions/Methods, and b) Results/Conclusions in the boxes provided.

• Provide 3-5 keyword terms not already used in your abstract title. We will use keyword terms to help organize the abstracts into broad themes.

• Symbols, special characters, and special fonts are NOT available, so please design your abstract to avoid these where possible.

• Please designate, and provide standard contact information for, a corresponding author (typically the lead author of the poster).

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Evaluation and acceptance of abstracts

• Accuracy of the abstract is the responsibility of the author(s).

• Abstracts must comply with the stated guidelines for content and format, or they will be rejected.

• Ideas are welcomed from diverse perspectives (disciplines, experiences, roles, fields, etc.), but abstracts must clearly demonstrate that the content proposed is relevant to Public Participation in Scientific Research.

• Abstracts must use standard English and follow English syntax, grammar, and punctuation rules. Poorly written abstracts will be rejected.

• In the interest of broadening participation, we request that an individual be the lead author on only one poster.

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Corrections and cancellations

• Once the abstract has been submitted, it cannot be edited.

• You will be able to view your session day and time once the program schedule has been finalized. We expect this information to be available in late June.

• Before submitting an abstract, authors should be confident that they will attend the meeting to put up, stand by, and take down the poster.

• If circumstances prevent attendance for a scheduled poster presentation, the presenting author should attempt to find another person to be responsible for the poster on their behalf.

• If cancellation is unavoidable, the author should notify Meg Domroese (megdom1 AT by email as soon as possible.


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