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Registration Details

The PPSR Conference takes place on August 4th and 5th, the weekend immediately before the larger annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America.

We are pleased to have help from ESA in handling conference registration details. Registration is now open. Please review the details below before visiting ESA's website to register.

To attend the PPSR Conference, everyone must do two things:

1. Register for ESA at any level (ESA's instructions here, but first read our helpful details below).

2. In registering for ESA, choose to attend WK-1 "National Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research." The event fee is $30 in addition to ESA registration costs.

For those who will attend only the two-day PPSR Conference, use ESA's downloadable "Meeting Registration Form." IMPORTANT: in Section B, choose the Individual Event Registration option in the bottom left ($65), NOT the daily rate (which for Saturday and Sunday would cost almost twice as much). In Section G (Workshops), choose WK-1, National Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research ($30).

To additionally attend just a day or two of the larger ESA meeting, you must use ESA's downloadable "Meeting Registration Form." In Section B, choose the appropriate One Day Registration category. In Section G (Workshops), choose WK-1, National Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research ($30).

For those registering for the full ESA meeting, you have the option of using the downloadable "Meeting Registration Form" (as above) OR using ESA's Electronic Meeting Registration Form. Electronically, follow the link to "Meetings" in the top menu bar. Register at the appropriate level, and then also choose "WK-1, Natl Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research," about 14 items down on the left-hand list ($30).

Event fees, summarized: $30 in addition to registration for ESA, totaling $95 if attending the PPSR Conference only. See ESA's registration rates for pricing for students, members, educators, etc., if you are interested in staying past Sunday for the larger ESA meeting.

Here is a quick summary of where to look for further details in planning for this conference:

On the ESA site:

(see details at
top of this page)
Regular: until 5pm EST July 16th
On-site: after July 16th

Travel and Accommodations Portland conference venue
Housing information
Roommate and Ride Share Forum At the bottom of the housing information site

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