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Linda Green

Program Director of URI Watershed Watch, University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension, College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Linda Green is an ardent proponent and supporter of volunteer monitoring. She is Program Director of the twenty year University of Rhode Island Watershed Watch Program.  This science-based volunteer water quality monitoring program, with 350 volunteers intensively monitoring 220 sites, promotes active volunteer monitoring, informal educational outreach and generates virtually all the of the RI lake water quality monitoring data.  She represented the volunteer monitoring community on the National Water Quality Monitoring Council from 1997-2006,

co-chaired its Collaboration and Outreach subcommittee, and co-chaired its 2002, and 2006 biennial conferences.  She is co-PI and PD of the highly competitive multi-year USDA-CSREES Volunteer Water Quality National Facilitation Project, which addresses volunteer monitoring in Extension programs across the country.  She is a longtime member of the editorial board of The Volunteer Monitor newsletter.  She holds a BS in Natural Resources and an MS in Resource Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island.

USDA-CSREES Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring National Facilitation Project tiny PDF icon

Volunteer water quality monitoring programs can be a critical first link that engages the public in watershed stewardship, by improving understanding of local water resources, encouraging individual and community involvement in protection and restoration efforts, and helping communities make informed decisions. This Volunteer Monitoring Facilitation Project was undertaken to construct a comprehensive support system for Extension volunteer water quality monitoring efforts across the country, expanding and strengthening the capacity of existing programs as well as supporting development of new ones. We have located and linked Extension programs across the country on our flagship website,, created the listserv for information exchange, and conducted and co-sponsored workshops at state, regional and national forums across the country. We created the on-line Guide to Growing CSREES Volunteer Monitoring Programs to distill the knowledge and advice from a broad spectrum of organizations into a series of factsheet learning modules and accompanying workshops which direct program coordinators to the issues to be addressed in order to build effective programs. This has led to enhanced communication among existing volunteer monitoring programs, reduction in the effort needed to start new programs or to expand existing ones, lent support and credibility to previously isolated programs, facilitated local data sharing and internet learning, and expanded volunteer opportunities.

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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