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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Suzanne Gurton

Education Manager at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Astronomy has been a source of inspiration and adventure for Suzy Gurton since college. The adventure began when the business college at the University of Arizona required her to take a 4 credit lab science and she chose astronomy. Marveling at how much could be decoded from little twinkling beams of starlight, she switched majors to astronomy and physics and never looked back. She has run campus observatories, participated in archeoastronomy survey projects in Peru, worked in the nation's best planetariums including Los Angeles

to New York (with stops in Chapel Hill, Boulder and Santa Fe in between) sharing the inspiration of the night sky through school and public planetarium show productions and teachers workshops. Now, she's settled down in Pacifica with her two children and oversees a variety of astronomy education programs for both formal and informal science educators through the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

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