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ZoAnn Morten

Executive Director of the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation

 Zo Ann Morten is Executive Director for the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (1995). In her position as the Streamkeepers Program Co-ordinator she is fortunate to be able to work with volunteer community members from across British Columbia. She is a founding volunteer member of the North Shore Streamkeepers (1993) and

Morten Creek Salmon Enhancement Project (1988) and on many other boards. These volunteer opportunities help her to keep one foot in the creek, while she spends much of her work time in meeting rooms, discussing the many options for the incorporation of stream protection into new policy, inclusion of volunteer data and funding options for project works throughout the Province.

From duksback to decision making

The longstanding Streamkeepers Program (1993) is supported by core federal funding (DFO) with additional support from all levels of government through complimentary programming and knowledgeable staff.  The Program is delivered by the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (1995) a society that provides a model for community-based environmental activism. The Federation encourages the measurement of baseline stream health through a network of qualified trainers using streamkeepers methodology. This methodology is contained in a Handbook and Modules that are government developed, scientifically sound techniques, described in plain language.  This winning combination has been successful in building community capacity across British Columbia. The results have been positive changes in government policy, regulations and attitudes and most importantly, a growing and knowledgeable stewardship community taking action in their local waterways.

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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