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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


CLO Staff and Affiliates

Principal investigators and staff from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, as well as Toolkit project affiliates.

Principal Investigators

Rick Bonney

Director of Program Development and Evaluation

Janis Dickinson

Director of Citizen Science

Steve Kelling

Director of Information Science

Jason Mobley

Acting Director of Education

Ken Rosenberg

Director of Conservation Science


Additional CLO Staff

Paul Allen

Assistant Director
Information Science

David Bonter

Project Leader
Project FeederWatch

Caren Cooper

Research Associate
Bird Populations Studies and Citizen Science

Andre Dhondt

Bird Populations Studies

Susan Earle

Project Assistant
Celebrate Urban Birds

Jeff Gerbracht

Application Developer
Information Sciences

Kitty Gifford

Project Assistant

Stefan Hames

Research Associate
Conservation Science

Wes Hochachka

Senior Research Associate
Bird Population Studies

Anne James Rosenberg

Chris Marx


Colleen McLinn

Content Information Specialist
Macaulay Library

Tina Phillips

Project Leader

Mike Powers

Research Biologist
Conservation Science

Jennifer Shirk

Project Leader
Citizen Science Toolkit Project

Flisa Stevenson


Project Affiliates

Bruce Lewenstein

Seavoss Associates Inc.

Cathy McEver

The Bureau of Common Sense

Stephanie Thompson

Seavoss Associates Inc.

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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