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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Lisa Campbell

Rachel Carson Associate Professor, Marine Affairs and Policy, Duke University Marine Lab, Nicholas School of Environment

Lisa Campbell

I am a geographer (PhD, University of Cambridge) broadly interested in human-environment relations and in policies, programs, and projects designed to reconcile the objectives of environmental conservation and socio-economic development. I ground this work primarily in political ecology, but also draw on theory from social studies of science, participatory development / resource management, common property, and environmental values. My interests in public participation in science arose out of a project on the strategies of non-government conservation organizations working in developing countries and NGO use of volunteers. I was interested in the meaning of ‘volunteer ecotourism’ as a new form of tourism and as a conservation and development intervention, but I was eventually drawn to volunteer contributions to and interest in science. This interest led to an NSF funded project looking at the relationship between volunteers collecting data on sea turtles as part of the North Carolina Sea Turtle Project, and the scientific establishment to which they contribute this information. The research has been driven by questions concerning: 1) the nature of knowledge (e.g. how knowledge is established as legitimate), 2) possibilities for democratizing science and how this might improve science-society relationships, 3) how citizen scientists are empowered by participating and the impacts of such empowerment on environmental activities; and 4) theoretical understanding of science-society relationships and the meaning of citizenship.