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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


John A. Cigliano

Associate Professor and Chair of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Cedar Crest College

John A. Cigliano

John is an Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Cedar Crest College where he teaches courses on marine ecology, conservation, and animal behavior. His areas of interest include marine conservation ecology, fisheries conservation, queen conch ecology, and conservation education. John has worked with the American Museum of Natural History on developing and testing conservation-related curricula as part of their Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners. His research on marine reserve effectiveness and demographic connectivity and recruitment in queen conch in Belize has been funded by Earthwatch Institute since 2006. Over that time, He has been able to involve public participation in my research through the inclusion of Earthwatch volunteers and local stakeholders, including local community members, university students, and staff from the NGO and fisheries department that co-manage the reserve.