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Meg Domroese, content coordinator

Outreach Program Manager, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History

Meg Domroese, content coordinator

Meg Domroese is Outreach Program Manager for the American Museum of Natural History's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation. She has worked with scientists and educators in The Bahamas, Bolivia, British Columbia, Guatemala, Madagascar, and the U.S. to promote participation in conservation through a range of approaches. These include training educators and resource managers in teaching and interpreting biodiversity, collaborating on exhibition development, and supporting community conservation projects. Meg also collaborates on Museum-based programming and print and web communications that target local, as well as international, audiences. Recipient of a 2009-2010 National Audubon Society TogetherGreen Fellowship, she is assessing motivations and learning gains of volunteer data collectors in the Great Pollinator Project to improve recruitment, training, and ongoing learning opportunities.

Prior to joining the CBC in 1996, her experiences included interning in the political and economic sections at the US Embassy in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, teaching English in Madagascar, and working in the Interpretive Division at Grand Canyon National Park. Meg has a Master of Science degree with a concentration in international development and conservation from Michigan State University.