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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Ed Salt, facilitator

Management consultant, Training Resources Group

Ed Salt, facilitator

Ed Salt, who will be the facilitator for the Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research, has been a management consultant for Training Resources Group (TRG) for the last twenty-five years. TRG is a small consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia that provides training, facilitation and organizational development services to US government agencies, private voluntary and donor organizations, non-profits, and private sector firms.

Much of Ed’s work is involved with planning and implementing facilitated processes designed to build consensus and commitment to action including strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, organization problem solving, and team building. Recently, Ed has been involved with supporting the TogetherGreen project, an alliance between Audubon and the Toyota Motor Company.

Examples of this kind of work which Ed has carried out over the past few months include:

• Facilitating a conference designed to draw lessons learned from a long term, worldwide project focused on preventing the spread of Avian Influenza.

• Designing and delivering a workshop in Bogota, Colombia on the connection between natural resources management issues and land tenure, and conflict.

• Facilitating a senior management team retreat for the International Food Policy Research Institute.

• Carrying out team building sessions for several offices in the US Environmental Protection Agency.

• Providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health Leadership Academy training faculty in Cairo, Egypt.