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Jane Jones-Schulz

Education & Information Coordinator, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

Jane Jones-Schulz

Jane Jones-Schulz is the Education and Information Coordinator for the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, the state agency responsible for cataloging Arkansas’s rare plants and animals while conserving what remains of the state’s original landscape. Jane’s work with citizen science projects, including statewide surveys for box turtles and tarantulas, helped to foster support for the value of rare species inventory and connected citizens with the data used for environmental planning and protection. She recently served as editor for the third edition of The Natural Divisions of Arkansas and has developed curriculum materials on diverse subjects such as the ecology of Hot Springs Natural Park, the natural history of Arkansas’s role in the Louisiana Purchase, and a six-poster series on the natural communities of Arkansas.

She has worked in various fields of environmental education for over 25 years, serving as Director of Education for the Arkansas Museum of Science and History, and as Director of the Arkansas Natural and Scenic Rivers Commission. She received a BA in biology from Hendrix College and did graduate work in primate behavior at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Georgia. She has served on the board of the Arkansas Environmental Education Association and is a member of the National Association for Interpretation.

Jane is a native Arkansan. She is married to Jerry Schulz, a retired museum exhibits curator, and has one son, Nicholas, who is a senior biology major at Hendrix College.