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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Anna Lawrence, advisor

Head of Social and Economic Research, UK Forestry Commission and Visiting Professor, Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, University of Wageningen, Netherlands

Anna Lawrence, advisor

I began by studying botany at the University of Cambridge followed by forestry at the University of Oxford. Work in South America and Asia, where I learnt the challenge of integrating farmers’ and scientific knowledge for sustainability, led to a PhD on farmers’ tree cultivation in the Philippines, and the implications for biodiversity conservation and forest policy. 

At Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute (2001-2007) I set up the Human Ecology programme, based on the view that humans, their values and feelings are part of the ecosystem. Our research focused on participatory research for adaptive forest management in India and Nepal; institutional change in forestry in post-socialist Europe; citizen science and organisational adaptiveness in UK biodiversity organisations.

While there I edited and wrote two books that feed into our work for PPSR: Taking stock of nature: participatory biodiversity assessment for policy planning and practice (edited by A. Lawrence, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010) and Plant identification: User-friendly field guides for biodiversity management (by A. Lawrence and W. Hawthorne, London: Earthscan, 2006).

I moved to the UK Forestry Commission in January 2008 to be Head of Social and Economic Research, so now I not only study the science / policy interface, I sit right on it. I’m also a Visiting Professor in the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, University of Wageningen, Netherlands.