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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Rocio Rodriguez Granados

PhD Student, Center for Integrative Conservation Research, Department of Ecological and Environmental Anthropology, University of Georgia

Rocio Rodriguez Granados

Rocio Rodriguez Granados is from Colombia (South America), a country recognized for its high biological and cultural diversity. She is also a PhD student with the Center for Integrative Conservation Research in the Department of Ecological and Environmental Anthropology at the University of Georgia. Her recent work aims to understand how perceptions of environmental change are generating adaptation responses by indigenous communities that involve changing the use of resources and landscapes in the Colombian Amazon. This process intends to integrate local knowledge and science to study the effects that changes in culture are having in the way that these communities have traditionally managed their landscape. Previously, she worked with local farmers in Colombia seeking sustainability. Rocio has also worked with the Guantiva – La Rusia – Iguaqe Oak Conservation Corridor, with the Eastern Pacific Tropical Marine Conservation Corridor, and identifying vulnerable ecosystems to sea level rise in two points of Colombia’s coastal areas. In all of the projects she has been involved with, she has always worked towards integrating public participation and research. Rocio received two bachelor degrees in Colombia from Universidad de Los Andes in 2003. One was in Psychology and the other in Biology for which her thesis was done with river dolphins in the Colombian Amazon. After graduating Rocio worked in applied conservation and in 2009 she obtained her title as a conflict mediation specialist from Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia, directed towards managing conflicts that emerge with local peoples and institutions when working around conservation issues.