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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


MODS Citizen Science Weekend

December 28-30 2012 Museum of Discovery and Science - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photo credit: Museum of Discovery and Science
The Museum of Discovery and Science celebrated everyday people getting involved in science by hosting a weekend devoted to citizen science. Building on established projects, MODS offered a wide range of activities, fun experiments, and games to show visitors how to get involved.

Check out what they put together, and host your own Citizen Science Day! 

Some highlights from the event:

  • Guests filled out "Otter Observation Cards" while viewing North American River otters, recording the animals playing, grooming, swimming, sleeping, and out of sight. A huge amount of cards were completed and turned in for keepers to use.
  • The Scientific Method activity was a big hit with families, and a great way to start the conversation about citizen science projects from around the country. It made explaining how to become involved in the scientific process easy and engaging.
  • The Project NestWatch craft was the most popular all weekend! Kids built nests out of paper plates and colored birds and eggs to fill their nests. They were encouraged to make nests with different amounts of eggs, birds, and hatchlings. Extra nests will be displayed in one of the classrooms, and the activity was a great way to observe and understand differences in bird reproduction.
  • Guest speaker Dr. Michael Heithaus from Florida International University did a great job explaining what kinds of interesting research scientists are doing. The theater was packed, and people really enjoyed themselves!
citizen science weekend 2


Projects highlighted:

CoCoRaHS, Project BudBurst, Project NestWatch, Galaxy Zoo, Florida Oceanographic Oyster Restoration, MODS Sea Turtle Project

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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